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Renauld Sunglasses Ltd

Maidenhead, United Kingdom

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gareth llewelyn

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The authentic 1960s Renauld sunglasses are back. Immortalized in the Michael Caine classic film ‘The Italian Job”, the original models are back in production under the newly formed Renauld Sunglasses company based in the UK.
Renauld’s distinctive wraparound style was popular in the 60’s with the global jet set and high profile figures such as Elvis Presley, Jackie Onassis, Mick Jagger and Le Mans racing driver Sir John Whitmore and Jim Clark.
Renauld’s distinctive shape offers a 180º, distortion-free view with no blind spots, and unique detachable ‘quarterlights’ (side lenses). Consequently they were considered ‘must-haves’ by racing drivers and skiers, and many of the major airlines of the day officially recommended Renauld to their pilots during the ‘60s and ‘70s.
The glasses are handcrafted in Italy, with frame finishes coming in three choices of pure pallaladium, 24ct and rose gold or matt black polymer. In addition, buyers can personalize their sunglasses with a choice of 5 different lens colors to match both their own look and different light conditions. There are now 4 exclusive styles which are made in very limited qualtities from 30 to 200.

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