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Brand | Based on: Lamborghini
Model | Basic Model: Urus
5 seats
Petrol Fuel Type
Automatic Gearbox
Black Exterior Color
Left Hand Drive
Power: 650 PS


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Lamborghini Urus with TOPCAR Design body kit with special kind of carbon fiber - Stealth style


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Lamborghini URUS TOPCAR DESIGN is the world's first aerodynamic kit that was introduced on the tuning market. Very complex geometry and a huge number of faces of a standard car is a difficult base, on the basis of which it was necessary to create a body kit that would look harmonious and, as it were, continue the factory design. And now we are proud to present you the result of the tremendous work that our team of designers and engineers have done. The kit includes a large number of elements: the hood, the bottom part of the front bumper, side splitters of the front and rear bumpers, front and rear fender extensions, lining on the front fenders, side skirts, door moldings, rear bumper diffuser, two rear spoilers . In addition, each element can be installed separately,. Each element is made of carbon and is varnished at the end, so the whole set is the visible carbon fiber, the hood, which is carbonic in any case, can be painted on the outside in the car's body color. An interesting feature, a characteristic feature of the Lamborghini URUS body kit from TOPCAR DESIGN, is that all the internal surfaces of the parts, especially the bonnet, are trimmed with carbon-Kevlar fabric with weaving in the Military style - camouflage. None of the tuning companies have yet applied camouflage carbon / Kevlar and this should be a distinctive feature of TOPCAR DESIGN, a company that specializes in the production of high-quality carbon fiber kits.