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Emilie - Valentino

Leuven, Belgium


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valentin nicosia

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Company description

A family that has made the people of Leuven and far beyond shine with beautiful jewelery and watches since 1953, that is Jeweler Emilie-Valentino! Jeweler Emilie-Valentino on the Tiensestraat in Leuven sells new and tailor-made jewelery so that you can sparkle and shine at any time of the day.

For 3 generations, Emilie-Valentino has been a family business that focuses on its customers with tradition and innovation. With us you will find a wide range of jewelry for every occasion. My wife and I are happy to have you fit and compare.

We also specialize in the design, repair, tailoring and fusing of all kinds of jewelery. You can also contact us at the Tiensestraat in Leuven for repairs to jewelery and watches.

Beautiful jewelery, a very wide range of rings, necklaces, earrings and watches, our shop window houses it all!

We welcome you with a smile in the renovated store.

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